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From Comic Con India (CCI), the greatest pop culture experience in all of South Asia comes - The Non-Fungible League, our web3 adventure. The league kicks off our journey into the Metaverse. Every new world needs its heroes and the metaverse is no different. But, look no further, The Non-Fungible League is here! Creating and minting the finest heroes for the metaverse.

Comic Con India is the biggest celebration of pop-culture on the subcontinent. With multiple shows held across India, attracting over 200K fans annually and an even larger digital audience of over 20 Million fans with a cumulative social reach of over 141 Million.

CCI brings together a series of fandoms of various elements of pop culture ranging from comics, toys, merch, anime, cosplay, TV, movies and gaming, to name a few. And with the formation of the Non-fungible league, we look forward to welcoming the Web3 community in India to the fold.


The Non-Fungible League kicks off our journey into the metaverse. Our debut pfp collection is the first step towards embracing the larger world of Web3 and bringing that burgeoning community into our fold.

And the road ahead will include surprise drops, new collections and characters, publishing and animated adaptations, exclusive access to real world experiences as well as digital ones. And all roads will eventually lead to hosting Comic Con India in the metaverse! But it all starts here with the league, join us on this journey. As we keep moving forward, access to the league will keep getting more exclusive.

Join the league today!


Our debut character comes alive in a limited collection, created by the prolific Abhijeet Kini.

The Non-Fungible Man! As the name suggests, is the superhero for the web3 era with a series of unique traits, including some very rare ones.
Living on the Ethereum blockchain, our hero will herald the beginning of a new age.


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Abhijeet Kini

Abhijeet Kini is an award-winning comics-illustrator and animator, best known for his comic series “Angry Maushi”. Apart from creating good old comic books, he has been creating NFTs which introduce some of his characters, concepts and fan-favorite art in the Metaverse!


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